Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Digital game based learning resources

Let's explore the resources of digital game based learning in this website, the Digiplay Initiative - Understanding Digital Games is a site consists of theories of educational games, game design, game base learning, video games, latest research and books in game based learning, latest announcement etc.

"The Digiplay games research bibliography is the largest database of academic and research articles on game freely available on the web. The Digiplay bibliography of computer games research has gone through several changes in its lifecycle. This version is the newest but still undergoing continual updating.

Fully integrated into this new Digiplay web site, the bibliography contains over 2500 references to papers, books, theses and conference papers on computer, video and digital games research. Multidisciplinary in nature, it includes references across the whole range of fields including sociology, psychology, computer science, education, literary studies, health sciences, economics, media studies, and law and so forth from 1949 to the present day."

Let's go to : http://digiplay.info/taxonomy/term/1697